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Commando Kayak
ISBN 9783033017177
Author: John Hoehn
A4. 87'500 words + 77 illustrations. Gloss HD Paperback
When uniformed officers appeared at the door of Walter's workshop in a Melbourne suburb, he thought that they wanted to question him for being an 'undesirable alien', but hearing their proposal, he became a willing partner to their wartime strategy.
Unusual occurrences started to occur in this sleepy suburb, turning his quiet existence into a frenzy of activity.
Despite the tight secrecy surrounding the men's aims, he pressed on supplying the organisation with their requests, seemingly for a good cause.
His well meant efforts, however, were marred by acts of chicanery and skullduggery from 'tin gods' who controlled the contracts.
Only after the Pacific War ended was part of the truth revealed to him by one of those uniformed officers who remained partial to his wartime efforts.
Despite files being destroyed by authorities in an attempt to cover up secret wartime activities, persistent and deep delves into archives revealed parts of Australia's special operations and commando history known only to a few before.
Thousands of miles away, the results of his work had been tested in some of the most gruelling trials possible, stretching men and folboats to physical limits to prove a theory.
The Australian folboat now takes its rightful place in history.
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Tuesday Table
ISBN 97803033017863
Author: John Hoehn
15 x 23 cm. 88'600 words plus 23 Illustrations. Gloss Paperback
Prefaced by James Halliday, Australia's leading wine writer.

Whilst enjoying more than 180 courses, this group which met at Hermann Schneider's Restaurant in South Yarra in the 1960s and 70's, tasted and commented on about 450 of the finest Australian and European wines. They were Australia's top wine show judges, winemakers, merchants and well known personalities.
Among them were Max Lake, Rudy Komon, Len Evans, Doug Seabrook, Doug Crittenden, John Campton, Reg Egan and Alan McCulloch. Special guests included artists Leonard French and Fred Williams.
This work details their analysis and comments on the wines.
Their lively discourse on fine wines, cuisine and the arts are recorded in an easy reading style. The book also recounts Hermann's career achievements.
It also recalls meetings of the Single Bottle Club, founded by Len Evans in 1977: A group of prominent enthusiastic people.
Sketch portraits and photographs of many personalities are included in the illustrations section, plus two art-colour pages.
This has become a useful comparative indexed reference, for outstanding wine, cuisine and local personalities.
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Ask for Sixpence
ISBN 9780646552118
Author: John Hoehn
15 x 23 cm. 136'100 words & 18 Photographs. Paperback
This is a true story from the suburbs of Melbourne.

Despite being exploited and maltreated by elders, a first generation Australian boy tries to understand them.
His mother stays at arm's length. His father, decidedly gauche, shows no interest. His stepfather's unusual attitude, influenced by his aberrant and traumatic past, is partly explained through some diary notes written in 1926 that the boy finds at the back of a bedroon drawer.
Hence, he tries to make some rationale from other relationships.
The boy narrates hilarious, tense and decisive moments as he encounters people around him.
Later, as part of a family saga, he is made aware of some very special people from the 14th century. One in particular had made the supreme sacrifice of his life for fellow man in 1386, and so becomes the boy's realistic hero.
The book is well illustrated with photographs of the principal characters. The whole excellently captures and depicts an Australian boy's way of life.